How? 'Or' What

Draw me a baby

did he see the light of day?


Graduated in Graphic Design & Advertising and after 8 years working in the marketing and fashion sector (which doesn't really suit me anymore), I wanted to turn a page and embark on the great and beautiful adventure of entrepreneurship.

It remained to be found for whom, why, how?


Besides that, I have always liked to draw, illustrate: a real passion!

In an introspective way, but also a lot for others, to produce unique and personalized works for them according to their personal photo: couple, children, dog ... whatever the subject as long as there is the intoxication of a smile when my loved one gets HIS artwork.

On the family level, I come from a very large family , my mom has 11 brothers and sisters, my dad 4, I let you imagine how many cousins I have (note: around 50) Most of them are also parents . Our family meals: children running in all directions.

This is where I got

says: "Damn, how can you be original for a birth gift?"

Draw me a baby then touched my mind, combining my passion for drawing on the occasion of offering a very beautiful memory of birth, an illustration  eternal and unique.


"Draw me a baby: a mixture of sweetness

and a touch of poetry "