What style of drawing to choose?

Are you hesitating about the most suitable style to illustrate your photo?

I will explain here in more detail the peculiarities of each graphic, to help you make THE RIGHT choice and be fully satisfied with the result.

Make your photo a completely personalized work

and unique that will brighten up your interior for sure!


Watercolor painting

This is the "bestseller" of Draw me a baby!

A painting done by hand, full of softness and pretty pastel colors that will bring poetry into your interior. Each watercolor takes me between 2 and 4 hours of work, depending on the format and the number of people to reproduce.

If you want a black and white result, it is possible, you just have to tell me in the email that accompanies your photo.

For a realistic reproduction this is the style to choose without hesitation!

Digital Drawing


The digital drawing is entirely done on the digital tablet, a very personalized style because you can ask me for a precise color palette.

You can also personalize the drawing with a date of birth and the child's first name or even a little love note. For a clean style I can also simplify and not draw all the details: to your preference <3


It is without hesitation, the most modern style of the 4. Bring a touch of color to your rooms for a decoration full of pep's!


Chinese ink

Undoubtedly the most refined style that will go perfectly with a contemporary interior, or even a very busy child's room that would like to breathe a little :)

I realize this style with the graphic tablet, which allows any type of correction before printing.

No risk taking! It is also the favorite style of small budgets!

Choose if you want an abstract-inspired result. With or without a touch of color, it's up to you!



IMG_7113 copie.jpg

The drawing with the bic pen is entirely done by hand. A very precise style that highlights the shadows and lights in your photos. This graphic is ideal for close-up portraits! Blue or black in color, opt for a unique and very original style that you will not find anywhere else!


The illustration is made on a beautiful thick matte paper that highlights my craftsmanship.